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Environment is the air,water,and land where people,animals and plants live ,and the way all these things depends on each other so that the life on Earth can continue.
Damages on environment are caused by the man himself and his technical progress.. The most serious ecological problems are destruction of eco-system,weather changes, acid rains, the warming up of the Earth´s surface, the destruction of tropical rainforests and the breaking of the ozone layer.

Global warming
Scientists say the temperature of the Earth coul rise by 3°C over the next 50 years.This may cause drought in some parts of the world and flood in others,as ice at the North and South Poles begins to melt and sea levels rise.Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect.Normally heat from the sun warms the Earth and than escapes back to the atmosphere trap the sun’s heat,and this is slowly making the earth warmer.

The ozone layer is a layer of gas high above the surface of the earth that helps to protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation,whitch can damage our skins and cause cancer.Scientists have recently discovered red holes in the ozone layer,caused by substances called CFSs (chloroflorocarbon).

Acid rain is rain that is harmful because it has become mixed with smoke from factories and power plants.It damages buildings and degrade the quality of the ground.

Deforestation is the next global problem.Deforestation of the rainforest cause that less oxigen is produced.The number of people in this world rises and we could have serious need for more oxigen.Rainforest helps to control global warming because it absorb carbon dioxid.

It is necessery to separate metal,paper,glasses and plastics.With this we could conserve energy,materials and money. It also reduce pollutions.
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