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My favourite room
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I live in a family house which has 7 rooms and I have to write about one of them that is my favourite. It is not a problem for me to choose a one of them. My favourite room is definitely my bedroom. I used to share one room with my older sister but I have my own room now.
It is situated on the second floor on the left side the corridor. It is quite big, with a big window on the right side of the room. When you enter my room you can see a big black wardrobe where I have my clothes. There is another wooden cupboard where are some books or cosmetics.
In the corner there is my bed which is comfortable and quite big. Next to it there is a high lamp and my rectangular desk with a leather spinnig chair. There is a chest of drawers opposite the bed and a TV. The walls are green and there is a cork notice board with my timetable,some photos or nice postcards which I have from London,Croatia or Egypt. On the parketed floor there is small green carpet.
I spend most of my time here so this has became my favourite place of our house.
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