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Informal letter
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4 November 2009

Dear Katy

Thanks for your last letter, it was really lovely to hear from you after such a long time. I´m sorry I haven´t written sooner, but I haven´t had any time.
How are you? I hope you´re well and that you´re looking forward to winter holiday. What are your plans for the Christmas?
As for me, I´m going to spend Christmas at home. I´m really looking forward to it, because I haven´t celebrate them at home for ages. And my grandparents and godmum are coming to see us. I think it´ll be great fun, try to imagine, eight people in our little flat.
Next surprise is, I don´t have to spend a week at my grandmum´s house, but Michal and Sue do. They´re both really angry. But you know, I´m going to take maturita exam in march, so I have to learn hard. My parents let me stay at home alone so there ´ll be peace and quiet finally.
And have you bought all the presents? I haven´t.  Any. I´ve no idea what to buy for Sue or for Michal. And for my parents? I think I´m going crazy. Have you any idea?
Anyway, what are you doing during Christmas? Where are you going to spend your holiday? I was thinking, how wolud you like to come and stay there for few days?
Let me know what you think.It would be great to see you again. Can´t wait to talk to you, there are too many things I wanna tell you.
Write soon, I´m looking forwrad to hearing from you.


P.S.: I send love to Tinka, too.
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