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I live not far away from Topoľčany. I would show the town to foreign friends because  I find it quite an interesting place. Topoľčany district is situated in the west part of Slovakia. Inovec is the highest mountain in the area. It´s very attractive for tourists because of good opportunities for summer and winter hiking. The district is well known for its agricultural tradition especially for growing hops and grapvine. There are a lot of mushrooms and game in the wood. Local nature offers many possibilities for trips, hiking, cycling and relaxation. The biggest attractions for tourists are artificial lakes – Duchonka, Nemečky and Tesáre. They are used as summer holiday resorts with many attractions – aquatic(water) sports and fishing.
There is National Park Hrdovice in Nitrianska Streda, a nature reserve Čepušky in Prašice, Solčianský háj(a grove) in Solčany, Kovarská hôrka (a hill) in Kovarce, and a nature monument – cave formation Čertova pec at Rodošina.
The visitors who love national monuments will be fascinated by the number of interesting churches and sacral buildings. There is a ruin of a Gothic Topoľčany castle not far away from the town and can be seen from a big distance.
The town of Topoľčany has a population of about 25,000 inhabitants (people). The square in the middle of the town is the most beautiful place. Visitors can admire historic buildings situated around the square; they can have a rest on a bench or in a restaurant or they can go to a church.
I like the place where I live. I could work, study or stay abroad for some time, but then I would come back home to live and work here. I would work in London or in a small town in England. It doesn´t matter. However, I think it´s very difficult to adapt to the new place; to quite different people, housing, food, traditions and customs. The language could also be a problem. In my opinion „east, west, home is best“ („there´s no place like home“).
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