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Sports help us to keep our body in a good physical condition.
Everybody who wants to do sports or play games needs a bit talentand interest.When you want to practise sport just for fun or to be fit, you can do it anytime and every time, but when you want to be a professional and earn money by doing sport, you need talent, specialeducation and training, but first of all hard work every day.

All sports can be divided into individual or collective. Collective sports and gamesneed team work.Teamis a group of people who play together against anothergroup. They cooperate, help each other, follow one common concept for the gameand observe the instructions of the coach. They have their own language ofcommunication and they use special prepared signals.

My favourite team sport is ice hockey. Ice hockey originally came from Canada, where garbage men played game with a broom and cans or other garbage.
Ice hockey is playes by two teams of six players on an ice rink, with a goal net on each end. The main objective of this very fast and dangerous game is to hit a rubber puck into the opposing team´s net with an ice hockey stick. The game begins when the referee drops the puck between the sticks of two players from the opposing teams. This is called a face-off.
An ice hockey rink is divided into three areas: defending, neutral and attacking. There are many other marks in the ice rink so the game has quite complicated rules. Players can move from one zone to another, but cannot pass the puck across more than two zones. A goal is scored when the puck crosses a goal line.
Each game consists of three periods of 20 minutes, divided by breaks or intermissions of 15 minutes. Both teams can use 20 players for every game, but only 6 can play on the ice rink. The game is watched by three referees, and there is also a goal judge behind each goalkeeper, who judges whether the puck has crossed the goal line or not, by turning on a red or green light.

We can divide sports into three categories –summer, winter, and all-season sports. 
Among the summer sports are athletics, water sports, for example swimming,windsurfing, sailing, rafting, water skiing; ball games: football, volleyball, handball,softball, tennis,golf, American football;and other sports:cycling,horse racing, motor-cycle racing, car racing,skateboarding,parachuting,roller skating.
Among the winter sports arebobsledding,snowboarding,skiing, ski jumping, speed-skating and ice-hockey.
Among the all-season sports are, for example, basketball, gymnastics, table tennis,wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, body-building.
Every sport has pros and cons.
In my opinion the most dangerous sports are: motor-cycle racing, car racing, mountain climbing and climbing without ropes, boxing, ski jumping and bungeejumping.Everybody has the right to choose any sporting activities he or she likes. It depends on the people only.
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