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Everybody have to realise how can we help our Earth. Althought we live on Earth, it doesn´t mean that it belong to us. It´s home for people, animals, plants, but only we can protect the environment.
So, what are the main environmental problems? The one of the biggest  problem is ozone layer which  is promoting creation of cancer (mostly cancer of skin). The second is global warming. Animal and plant species in response to global warming, die off or change faster than we expected. And the third (I think it´s  big problem, too) is lack of landfill sites. The problem is that we are producing tonnes of rubbish every year. Because we haven´t got enough place, we have to destroy farmland, countrysides which is very bad for environment.
How can help?
We can´t stop it, (because it´s too late) but we can help to doesn´t exapnd more. How? Very simple! Everybody can help to solve this problem by remembering 3Rs. That means reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce: is about buying unpackaged goods (f.e. on market), rechargeable batteries, saving light
bulbs... Reuse: when your kids grown out of their clothes, don´t put them into bin- you can give them to the charity. Or plastic bags- you can always have one
in your purse, so you don´t have to buy another one. Recycle: you can recycling glass, paper, plastic...Recycling prevent cutting down trees, polluting
I believe that we start to be more “green” because the future of Earth is in our hands and we have to take responsibility to protect the environment.
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