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Nowadays travelling is very popular. People travel for their job, study or just tourism. Very common transport is by car, but people who travel far away prefer by plane, it’s comfortable, fat but more expensive.

Many people travel to abroad during their holiday, they visit new places where are beautiful buildings or something interesting. Everywhere in the world you can taste different cuisine and meet their habits.

Many people also travel by motocykle. It’s faster than car, but less comfortable. Driver have better expierence of journey, it’s very exiting but very dangerous. Disadvantage of that is on motocyclecan go only tvo people and further you can’t carry much luggage and it’s very exhausting for long travelling.

In some countries is favourite travelling by train. You have more space than buses and you can move during the journey or even sleep.
Buses, trams and undergrounds are the most common transporting in the city. They are often the quickest and the cheapest means of transport in the city.

The absolutely cheapest means of transporting is hitch hiking. You can meet interesting people and save money. It’s very common among young people. A disadvantage of that is, it can be dangerous and you never know who is driver. For young girls can be last journey.
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