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British customs and traditions
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The British are said to be reserved in manners, dress and speech.

Their insularity, conservaticism and sticking to traditions are often pointed too. They are famous for their politeness, self - discipline and their specific sense of humour. May be many British are such in their nature but not at all. There are big differences in manners between individuals even within one nation. It is similar with customs and traditions. Many traditional British customs have changed as the way of life has changed.

Very popular always was Valentine's day on l4th February. It is a great day for all lovers. Originaly this day commemorated the Roman priest who gave aid and comfort to the persecuted Christians before he was put to death. On this day young people send Valentine's cards to a person of opposite sex, usually anymiously, and exchange gifts. Cards can have serious and loving text e.g. Roses are red, violets are blue, you will be mine cose I love you, or they can also have funny character e.g. My love for you is as big as elephant and on the next side is drown fat girl with text below but then, so are you.

In march there are two interesting days - St. David's day (the patron of Wales) and St. Patrick's day ( the patron of Ireland so people are often dressed in shamrocks). The day of the patron of England, St.George, is celebrated in April. The next tradition also on April is well know in our country too - it is All Fool's day. It is called after the simple shouting "Fool". You can shout it when you deceive someone else by funny joke or trick. But this tradition is not the last in this month. The greatest one only comes - it is Easter that is spring feast of Christian church. Good friday commemorates Jesus' crucufixion while Easter Sunday commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus. Dyed and decorated easter eggs - symbol of a new life, are given as presents. Than comes May Day when political parties of the left hold processions and public meetings. But for British May Day also means the traditional spring festival. In the days people went out into the woods before dawn to cellect flowers and green branches.The custom only survives in a few places but some maypoles are still to be seen and the election of a May Queen still takes place in parts of England. This day is connected with Morris dancing. It is performated specialy on religious holidays, weddings and events just like May Day.
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