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Graffiti is an individual form of spray writing on walls and big concrete areas in cities, on wagons, etc. It marks either the graffiti writer or graffiti creation as an anonymous art demonstration famous mainly from the beggining of the seventies in the States.


Making of graffiti mostly means that WRITER or SPRAYER is trying to present his nickname - tag and to diversify from others this way. Graffiti writers write or paint (in the main) their names or their crew names). But, not anything painted by spray or draw this kind of writing is considered as a graffiti, because graffiti is an individual ART DIRECTION, as well as people making it, and everybody is responsible for him or herself and we cannot consider the graffiti lifestyle because of one man acting.


This art style probably started in the sixties of the twentieth century in New York. The begging - the people were just writing their names or nicknames all over them. Person responsible for the graffiti boom is certainly TAKI 183. The New York Times interviewed him and graffiti became to be one of the most famous writing and art styles. By the time, almost all people were writing and painting it, so, of course, it was getting more and more complicated and different from others.


Actually, some people precieve graffiti as a vandalism. They are mostly the walls or area helders, who got to invest lots of money to clean up the areas. This is why there are graffiti galleries especially for the graffiti art. But one of the interesting things is that nowadays, there exist companies offering graffiti abolish services.
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