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You may live in village, in a town, in a suburban area of large city ( outskirts) or somewhere in countryside. There are several types of dwellings(pribytok): a flat (apartment), a council house, detached or semi-detached house, a terraced house, a cottage or a bungalow.

A flat is a set of rooms that are usually all on the same level and are a part of a larger building.

A council house means flats or houses owned by council(patriaci niekomu)which people pay rent to live in.

A detached house is a house standing by itself and usually having a garden. He usually have three bedrooms, one or two bathrooms upstairs, a separate dining room and kitchen downstairs.

Semi-detached houses are called duplexes are built in pairs and are joined on one side. They usually have two or three bedrooms and a separate garden.

Terraced houses(brownstones-honosny dom) are two or more houses joined together in a row. They where small in the past, but many of them were rebuilt.

Cottages are small and very old village houses which have been modernized inside, and have a wooden beams. For many people is it a dream house.

Bungalows are one-story houses which are very popular especially with older people because everything is on one level.

Flat or a house is usually very expensive. If you work, you may arrange a mortgage whit a bank. The young people live in rented accommodation(ubytovanie). They can live in a studio, small apartment.

American house has two storeys, several bedrooms, one master bedroom with a bathroom and guest room. Kitchen, dinning room, a living room and bathroom. Many older american houses have a porch. Americans move several times during their lifetime looking for better job. Finding a new place to live in is not difficult and prices ate reasonable. Poor people who do not have much money live in tenements - old buildings found in the downtown areas of a city, in very small houses or in mobile homes.
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