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Utorok, 27. júna 2017
My summer holiday (Essey)
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This summer holiday was nice. The weather was warm and sun. My holiday was a quite good. First half of month I was with my sister at home. It was boring, but when my parents stayed at home with us it started to be better. We sometimes went to the forest for a walk or for mushrooms and every weekend to our holiday home . Second half of month I went to visited my family. We went to High Tatras , the biggest mountains in Slovak republic. But my holiday wasn´t only fun.

I have to work at my home and sometimes I helped my uncle If I helped him he took me on his motor-bike for ice –cream in small city Bytča. It was first month I think it was funny, exciting and interesting. But second half of holiday wasn´t so well. I must work because we´re repairing our house and if I didn´t work I watched Tv or play computer games. When the summer holiday was ending my family and I was having dinner in restaurant near our house.

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