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Clothes make the man
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Long years ago, some wise member of the Homo Sapiens race discovered the first clothing. Since that time clothes have passed throught very significant changes. They developed from the simpliest rags and skin into something really fabulous. Clothes can say much about the person’s style of living. It can show the personality nof each person. But they can also distinguish people of various religions and nationalities. When wearing some kind of particular dress people sow their affiliation to one of these gruops. Wearing a particular dress can also classify a person into a social class. On the other hand, some peeple wear clothes only to be fashionable, and they are not showing their personality. Many special occassions demands psecial clothing. When a person changes it’s wardrobe all of a sudden, it means that the person’s personality has developed. To sum up, clothing is a necessary part of living. These days every person has it’s own style.
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