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Serious world problems
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Nowadays, society is in such a situation, when all around communities there are many serious problems, which influence daily life. On every continent in the world there is happening something earnest which causes changes of society and it influences its natural existence. Mostly, the problems are of military, industrial, economic and humanitarian character. These problems mostly demand much energy to solve them. The majority of these problems refers to particular areas which need support of other people very often. There would not have been solved most of the serious world problems without help of somebody else, and on the contrary, the problems could become more dangerous and spread all over the world. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his „Letter from Birmingham Jail“ describes means of nonviolent direct action of outsiders. King concerns with problems connected with race discrimination. The main point of King`s effort was to avoid violent demonstrations which made situation worse and they created a new violence. King explained to people the need of nonviolent direct action to get the rights of afro-american citizens. People should be intrested in those actions if they want to reach the human rights. Nonviolent direct action was to gain a particular level of tension in society. The goal of the tension was to compel the society to start negotiations. King describes two kinds of tension which accompanied life of people. Violent tension is a dangerous issue which causes violence. The second is constructive nonviolent tension which arises in nonviolent direct action. King explains that only oppressed people fight for their rights. And those rights will be never given to them in a simple way from the oppressors. There had been many insignificant negotiations about the problem of racial discrimination, but there never had been reached a positive point. Neverending presuasion about waiting and patientce in settling down those situations, were not creative. It only gave opportunity to develope problems and that made the situation even worse. King defends his position of outsider in particular communities in the way that local problem influences the whole society. It is never connected just with a local community. He also supports the means of outsiders in an example of Apostol Paul, who left his village to
spread faith to the other parts of Greco-Roman World (King, 1963). King`s work was to organize nonviolent direct actions and the leadership.
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