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The European Union
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The Europan union came to being on the first of November in 1993. It is the most expressive example for unity in ecanamic region. In the present The EU has15 member states: Germany, France, GreatBritain, Ireland, Portugal, Spain,Denmark, Nederlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Grece, Sweden, Finland and Austria. The Europan Union has it’s own parlament,goverment and constitucional court. It hasn’t got a president yet. The symerals of the EU are: a blue flag with 12 stars and a anthon, the Beethovens Joy ode. Since the first January in 1993 a curennoy has installed in the EU called the EURO. In the present 11 states want to join the Europan Union. For example : Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slavinia and Estonia. The main organs in the EU are the Europan parliament in Strasburg, the Concil of EU, the Europan comission in Brusel, the Europan Judge yard in Luxemburg and the Europan book-keepers yard in Luxemburg. The Europan parliament accepts laws for the whole EU. His chairman is in the present Pat Cox. The annual cost for it’s function is one miliard EURO. In the present it has 626 deputies. After the extention of the EU it will raise to 732. The Council of the EU directs the common interests. A com petent minister subsituts every country. 200 working groups prepare her desicions. The Europan commisions is put together from 20 comissioners. Her president is the former prime minister Ramano Prodi. The Europan Judge yard has 13 judges. The judges are voted for 6 years. The Europan constitucional yard has 15 members. They are voted for 5 years.
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