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Presov over Torysa river is situated in East Slovakia. Presov is 3rd biggest town in Slovakia. There are about 100 000 citizens. In Presov live different nationalities. Presov is an industrial, cultural, educational and sport centre. Our town belongs to the most significant historical towns in Slovakia. The first written record of Presov dates back to 1247. It was given to Presov by Hungarian king Ondrej III. Presov has been inhabitants by three different nationalities since 13th century. They are Slovaks, Hungarians, Germans and a lot of different nationalities. The first guilds were established in the 14th century. The first guild was a shoemaking guild. In 1667 an important center of education an Evangelic collage was established in the town and Jan Amos Komentsky, who visited Presov, influenced its teachers. The salt mine in Solivar and the mill in Velky Saris were the most important facilities in the town. Salt mine was flooded in 1752. Presov as an educational center includes basic schools, secondary schools, the Presov University, the Technical University and other different institutions. Presov is a young town. Thousands of students are studying at these schools. There is very polluted air. The pollution is from cars, factories and so on. There isn’t chemical industry in the Presov, but the rivers Torysa and Sekcov are still polluted. The weather is temperate. Presov has got hot summers and cold winters. Nature is really very beautiful. There are many trees, parks like Neptune fountain and forests. The traffic is used. People can go by bus, trolley bus, car, bike, motorbike or something else.
Presov is not my native town, but I like it very much. I don’t want to live in different city, because I have got here a lot of friends and I know this city. I think, the Presov is really good home for me.
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